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Robert BoardmanHi all, I’m Robert Boardman.

I have been an IT Professional for a little over 5 years. I am a Network Engineer for a California community college. Working on a small campus I am required to be a jack of all trades. My real passion, though, is networking or, to be more specific, wireless networking. I am currently working towards my CCIE Wireless and CWNE.

When I am not studying or at work, I am spending time watching movies, traveling, and eating fabulous food. I am a craft beer lover, wine enthusiast, and whiskey lover. I like to play disc golf; I’m not very good, but am a big fan and play whenever I get the chance. I am also a giant comic book nerd, primarily Marvel, but I’m flexible.

My current certifications include:


  1. I love the “budding wine enthusiast” part of you most! :o) Keep the wireless passion alive, it shows brilliantly!

  2. A wireless guy should understand Analog as well as digital. Amateur radio license? It’s a world of wireless. Also a license allows you to legally increase your 2.4g power to 1500W vs 4W limit. Wireless is a art, a feeling combined with the science . Wireless reflects off of walls and penetrates them. Should I use 900Mhz, 2.4g, 5g, 24g.

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