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It has been a crazy week since my last post. I am in shock and awe over the responses to Hub Holster, and am endlessly grateful for the support and excitement from the wireless community. Originally my plan after the overwhelming response on Monday was to start a small crowdfunding campaign and see where it went. The primary goal was to be able to afford a printer to start manufacturing. But as the week went on I have received quite a bit of interest and donations from family and the community, as well as some large order requests. This has allowed me to be able to purchase a printer outright.

So, I have decided to forgo the crowdfunding and open an online store. Check it out here:

hubholster.comHubHolster Store

The printer is on its way, so any current, new orders will be delivered within 45 days!

As a thank you to early supporters, every order placed through the end of June will come with a free one-time replacement warranty (minus shipping.)

Wondering how Hub Holster works? Read the opinion of Rowell Dionicio, from Packet6.com and ClearToSend.net

Hub Holster for Wireless Site Surveys

Additionally, I have also created a page with current devices that can be configured and printed:

Supported Laptops & USB Hubs

I am always looking to add more devices and USB hubs. Let me know if you have any requests.

Thank you for your support and interest!


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Robert Boardman

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  1. Quick note: Try to test the USB hubs to make sure there is no noise generated by the hub. Unfortunately, most USB 3.0 hubs generate a significant amount of noise and cause incorrect readings in Ekahau Site Survey on 2.4 GHz. One of the hubs listed I have (Orico) also causes noise. I and another Wi-Fi engineer I know installs the hub and then looks at RF in a spectrum analyzer before a hub purchase (usually all USB 2.0 hubs are OK, but is still good to confirm). Great product and keep up the great service!

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