New Additions to the Hub Holster Store

It has been a busy couple of weeks working to get Hub Holsters out to the community.

I would first like to thank everyone for the great support you have all provided. I would especially like to thank Rowell DionicioFrançois Vergès, Steve McKim, Jimmy Seaman, and Brennan Martin for donating their time, ideas, and more, which helped me to bring Hub Holster to life. I would also like to thank Keith Parsons for sending me a box full of USB hubs that will significantly speed up the design process. Last, but far from least, I want to thank my wife Dixie for her support and her help in making all of this possible.

I have quite a few new items and additions to the Hub Holster store.

New Color Options


New Laptops Supported

Surface Pro 2
Surface Pro 4
Surface Book
Dell Latitude E6460

New USB Hubs

Ekahau Hub

Ekahau USB 2.0 Hub

Rosewill RHB330

Rosewill RHB330 USB 2.0 Hub

HooToo 7 port USB 3.0

HooToo 7 port USB 3.0 Hub








New Tools

Hub “Haters”

For those of you who just don’t like USB hubs, I give you Hub “Haters”, a clip that is designed to hold your USB extension cable. Hub Haters will come in a 3 pack.

Hub Hater front view

Hub Hater front view

Hub Hater side view

Hub Hater side view







Wi-Spy DBX Holster

Did you lose your Wi-Spy DBX holder? Break it? Or just want something different? I present the Wi-Spy Holster.

Wi-Spy Holster front view

Wi-Spy Holster front view

Wi-Spy Holster side view

Wi-Spy Holster side view








So, head over to HubHolster.com and pick up yours today!



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